Hertfordshire poster intrigue

May 28, 2010 by  

The Hemel Gazette is reporting the story of a mystery artist who has created a poster that is being seen by thousands of motorists every day in the area, with the cryptic message “Do you want flat roads and clean Women? Vote Tophe”. The poster is tied to the side of the magic roundabout in Hemel Hempstead, ensuring that this locally famous landmark gives the most high profile location to the mystery artist’s message and reaches as many people as possible.

This is not the first of the posters to appear in the area. Posters first began appearing following bad weather in the region which left roads in a state, with several potholes. The initial posters were displayed on Hemel Hempstead’s Leighton Buzzard Road with the message to motorists Print company in reading printing services readingHertfordshire Council Pothole Slalom Course”, to warn them of the hazards on the bumpy road ahead. In the weeks that followed, Tophe’s artwork was posted on the same road and displayed the message “Welcome to Hemel Hempstead. Probably Better Than Swindon”. Messages have also appeared on posters on a disused pub in the Marlowes area, The Society.

Now local people are left to ponder this latest poster message and its meaning, as well as the identity of the secret artist. To draw attention and create a buzz like this around your company, if you are looking for Print company in poster printing in Ware printing services poster printing in Ware, or any location around Hertfordshire, there are local Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies who can offer you a professional service at affordable cost.