Hertfordshire police authority criticised for overspending on printing services

May 26, 2011 by  

Hertfordshire Police Authority has been blasted by taxpayers over a recent revelation that they spent over £70,000 on printing when a neighbouring authority did not spend a penny.

This focus on spending comes as the news breaks that Hertfordshire Police Authority spent £15,000 on a printed leaflet that nearby Cambridge Policing Authority produced for free as part of a mandatory council communication. The Local Policing Summary is a document that is printed and distributed to homes in the Hertfordshire region and whilst the information in it is important, some groups, such as The Taxpayer’s Alliance, feel that this could have been produced in a more cost effective manner.

There are several local companies offering services such as flyer printing in Ware, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas and by contacting these companies, a cost effective solution could have been devised. Local printing companies often offer better value than larger national ones or ones based online and in some cases can even offer a better solution than an in-house printing system could.

The Chief Executive of the Hertfordshire Policing Authority, Andrew White, said that they had since:

“Taken steps to keep public spending to a minimum.”

These steps include publishing the Local Policing Summary in Horizons, a local quarterly magazine, as well as including a summary of their accounts in this publication. Andrew White stated that these actions alone had saved the Hertfordshire Police Authority an amount in the region of £50,000 on printing alone.