Hertfordshire magazine comes under criticism

September 28, 2010 by  

Brochure printers in Ware or other areas across Hertfordshire may be caught up in a row over a new glossy magazine style publication that the Hertfordshire county council and Hertfordshire police have recently issued in the region. The magazine is distributed freely across the county in health centres and Doctor’s surgeries, police stations and libraries, and contains features around issues such as health, lifestyle and fashion. Its first edition focused on alcohol consumption, credit crunch busting advice pieces and tips for fire safety at summer barbecues. The publication is part of a campaign by Hertfordshire Strategic Alcohol Campaigns Group, which is supported by the council and the police with the primary aim of encouraging a healthier lifestyle amongst residents in Hertfordshire.

However, the magazine has faced some fierce criticism due to the economic situation at the moment, with some arguing that the expense of a glossy magazine is not justified whatever the aims. Critics have questioned the wisdom of spending so much on printing and design with one critic, local Liberal Democrat leader Chris White, commenting with derision that the police should not be promoting fashion advice but policing the local streets.

The decision to print the magazine was defended by the council who claimed that the serious messages that the organisation was trying to put out would be better received by the public and would be more engaging in the context of the magazine rather than basic advice leaflets which were not effective at driving a response from this target audience.