Heathrow highlights savings

July 6, 2010 by  

Heathrow airport is planning to raise its profile as a shopping destination and pitch itself against the retail area of London’s West End by launching an advertising campaign with a creative that highlights its lower prices for various products.

In a direct comparison to the West End shopping district, Heathrow’s advertising campaign will run with the strap line “Heathrow shopping: The West End for less”, with the message backed up by the statement that stores around Heathrow airport are offering prices that are in the region of 15% cheaper in comparison to equivalent stores in the West End.

The advertising campaign is the first of its kind for Heathrow airport as it has not pushed its diverse range of stores before, nor the value that can be found in the stores, and the creative targets UK passengers in addition to visitors from other countries as Heathrow wants to entice passengers to do their last minute holiday shopping in their retail outlets in order to take advantage of the savings on offer.

The campaign will be a multi-media advertising campaign and will run across press, radio and digital formats, as well as using outdoor advertising posters. Particularly at this time of year, enjoying the good weather, people are spending more time out of their homes – and so outdoor advertising comes into its own during the summer months. Print companies in Potters Bar or other areas of London, would be able to quote on poster printing for any brands looking to take advantage in the increase in the outdoor advertising audience in summer.