Flyer printing could be hindered by new license fees

July 3, 2011 by  

The Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing industry in the UK could soon be thrown into turmoil due to a new law that could request that distributors obtain a license to hand out their own promotional material.

Many councils throughout the UK are using the Clean Neighbourhoods and environment act, 2005, to clamp down on leafleting in town centres, calling leaflets and flyers a nuisance and a potential cause of litter. However, many organisations and clubs feel that this is unfair and that handing out flyers does not cause as much litter as outlets that sell things like fast food in throwaway wrappers.

A woman in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire was recently threatened with a fine for £80 when handing out leaflets for an art exhibition held by the Women’s Institute. Liz Day, the head of Sawbridgeworth Women’s Institute was flyering to raise awareness of the exhibition, which raises money for charity each year. She said:

“Last year we were accosted by a very officious council employee and said that he only let us off the fine because he was in a “good mood.”

Print company in Flyer printing in Ware printing services Flyer printing in Ware, Sawbridgeworth and other areas of Hertfordshire is a popular and cost-effective way for small-scale businesses and organisations to promote themselves. With the threat of fines or licensing fees, there is a risk that flyering will no longer be an option for small businesses. Rulings on flyers differ from region to region so it is always useful to check with local authorities before embarking on a leaflet promotional run.

If leafleting is frowned upon, local Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies in Print company in Ware printing services Ware will be able to discuss the alternative options available, such as Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing or Print company in banner printing printing services banner printing.