Firm from Potters Bar participates in show

November 16, 2017 by  

A Potters Bar business has chosen to take part in the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Property maintenance business C.S Hodges & Son decided to display its staff and vehicles at the London parade this year. Leaflets from Potters Bar can help local enterprises to implement their marketing strategies. The Lord Mayor’s Show is hundreds of years old and is backed by guilds, military groups and commercial organisations.

The chief executive of C.S. Hodges & Son, Stan Hodges, explained the logic of his move to the Welwyn Hatfield Times:

“It’s a long-standing tradition and it’s an honour to take part. It’s nice to be a local company taking part in such an important event.”

Hodges has consistently supported the army and his business has provided charitable backing to organisations which help the military. The company takes pride in its generosity and its admiration of the armed forces is highlighted by the messages displayed on its vans.

C.S. Hodges & Son attended the Lord Mayor’s Show in 2016 as well. Hodges has revealed that he enjoyed the occasion on a personal level and confirmed that he used to be a spectator at the show when he was a small boy. However, when he attended the event with his father, he never dreamt that he would actually take part in the grand parade.