Economist posters ask the public

June 17, 2010 by  

In their first big poster advertising campaign in two years, the Economist has launched a series of poster creative executions asking the public “where they stand” on a number of challenging issues. The Economist poster campaign will ask their audience to engage with them on controversial issues such as prisoners and their voting rights, legalising drugs or trading human organs.

The Economist is known in the world of outdoor advertising for using the medium well with iconic poster creative designs and is a long term supporter of billboard posters. The new creative designs are a departure from their classic red background/white text images and will run the strap line “Where do you stand?”. The UK publishers of the Economist hopes to engage a new pool of potential readers by demonstrating through their posters the kinds of issues and debates that readers can find within the publication.

The posters will run for two weeks on the London Underground and at London overland rail stations, targeting the capital’s commuters when they are on their journeys. The capital’s commuters are notoriously light commercial TV viewers and so poster advertising is essential to target them. The media buying has been handled by London media agency, PHD.

Other companies wanting to spark lively debate in the capital can follow suit by targeting high numbers of London’s commuters through transport poster advertising such as underground posters or ad-rail posters. Print companies in Potters Bar or areas closer to you in London can provide competitive quotations for poster printing enabling you to engage with this highly sought after audience.