Dental professionals face crackdown on advertising

February 1, 2012 by  

Dentists throughout the UK are being forced to review their communications following new guidelines that aim to ensure no dental communications are misleading.

This review of guidelines for promotion of dental services comes from the General Dental Council and covers all manner of communications and promotional material that may have been produced by dental professionals. The review aims to ensure that all written or online communications are clear and that they do not mislead the public. This covers websites, online ads, leaflets, brochures and posters that have been created using services like Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing.

From Print company in Potters Bar printing services Potters Bar to Perth, dentists throughout the UK will now be reviewing their promotional and advertising material. Kevin O’Brian is the chairman of the General Dental Council and he recently spoke about the changes in regulation, stating:

“The duty of all dental professionals is to put their patients’ interests first. Related to advertising, this means never making claims which could mislead patients. This new guidance will help to ensure that patients’ basic right to clear, accurate information is protected and that dental professionals have helpful guidance to assist them with ethical advertising.”

Whilst this is a positive move in terms of making communication from dental professionals be clearer and less misleading in their advertising materials; it could also create a lot of extra work and cost for dentists who need to recreate their printed advertising materials. These dentists could benefit from using a local print shop to recreate their leaflets, posters and brochures as this may be more cost-effective and may give a more bespoke service than larger online companies.