Consultation on housing near Potters Bar

November 21, 2018 by  

A consultation on housing plans for the Potters Bar area is underway.

The consultation has been set up to discuss housing proposals which may impact directly on Potters Bar and its residents, and it will run until December 20. Hertsmere Borough Council is seeking feedback on the Local Plan at the moment. Planners will consider the draft after its formal submission.

Some residents have contributed to the debate already. Although opinions have varied with regard to infrastructure provision, there is an awareness that population growth could necessitate action. Lynette Sullivan told the Welwyn Hatfield Times:

“We do need more housing. We have an ageing population who are staying in their homes longer. We need to encourage a working population to live in the area, use our shops and resources.”

Chris Cook was in agreement that more accommodation is essential. Many additional jobs might be created in the region and workers will have to live somewhere. Proposals for housing often use brochure printing to showcase plans and projections to relevant parties.

Over 250 homes could be constructed in the immediate vicinity of Potters Bar. There are four sites which have been established as possible housing solutions. Some of this space is located near Park Avenue, but there is room for development next to Barnet Road too. While there is vacant land in the proximity of Baker Street, part of the local golf course may also be used.