Poster printing services from Minuteman Press

Poster printing is the way to achieve maximum impact from your promotional advertising. Whether it’s at a trade fair, high street, or point-of-sale location, a well presented, professionally designed poster creates an eye-catching and memorable image.

Poster printing is widely used alongside flyer printing and leafleting, for a variety of uses. We at Minuteman Press design posters for community and arts groups as well as trade fairs, window displays and exhibitions. Poster sizes range from large format 4AO 1682 X 2378mm banners, down to A4 posters suitable for point-of-sale advertising. With modern digital printing methods, the same files and templates can be used for both flyer and poster printing, dramatically cutting costs and time. Digital printing also allows posters to be run off on demand – ideal if you suddenly discover a new promotional area in the run-up to your event.

Digital printing has revolutionised the print industry, allowing many online companies to set up shop. However, you can’t appreciate what impact a poster will have from a computer screen. High street poster printing services like ours at Minuteman Press allow you to see real-size samples and chat about your needs. We have personal knowledge of your area and can help come up with eye-catching designs that will make an impact in, for example, a busy pedestrian street where people have a “walk on by” approach.

Poster printing has become so affordable that everyone seems to be doing it, everywhere you look. Evidently, the more advertising posters there are in an area the more striking your own have to be. The plan here is simplicity – faced with so much info, and with busy lives to lead, people don’t have time for more than a cursory glance, so your message has to be simple and to the point.

We at Minuteman Press suggest “jazzed up” logos, striking photographs, bold text, bright contrasting colours and a high gloss finish as some of the more effective poster printing ideas.