Postcard printing – the original way to promote your business

There are many ways we at Minuteman Press can help you to promote your product, service or event. One of the most versatile and original is Print company in postcard printing printing services postcard printing. Whether sent out to addresses or handed out at promotional events, postcard Print company in printing printing services printing is a dynamic and inexpensive way to generate leads and gain public recognition for your company or brand.

Flyers often end up being binned – but advertising postcards are collectible. Postcard printing is the creative side of marketing. Although you will find a company slogan and advertising info on one side, turn it over and there’s an attractive image – often an ingenious photo or piece of original art – to look at. Printed on high quality cardstock, the message to the recipient is: “Hey, even if you’re not interested in my product, you can still enjoy the nice picture on the front!” Postcard printing is an eminently memorable way to do business.

Print company in Digital printing printing services Digital printing has opened up the realms of postcard marketing tremendously, with many Print company in print shops printing services print shops now using specialised postcard printing machines. The print-on-demand aspect makes it especially effective for shorter print runs, as you can order multiples of as few as 100 cards, each featuring a different product, event or company message.

Advertising postcards are especially effective in public display racks, which attract “browsers” just as seaside racks do. Ordering small batches of cards on demand, each featuring a different piece of artwork, means you can have a continual selection of fresh designs for people to take away – increasing brand awareness in a creative, fun fashion.

We at Minuteman Press do postcard printing for many different clients, from music promoters to couples looking for cheap and original wedding invitations. Postcard printing can be as personal and inventive as you like, and you have the added bonus of knowing your designs are more likely to end up on the mantelpiece than in the bin.