Point-of-sale (POS) printing

Point-of-sale, or Print company in POS printing printing services POS printing, refers to the numerous promotional posters, leaflets and banners that are on display where goods are on sale. Professionally created, eye-catching POS Print company in printing printing services printing can be as important as packaging and TV advertising for generating sales of a product. This is why many people use a specialist POS printing firm, like us at Minuteman Press, for their point-of-sale marketing needs.

You only need to visit your local shopping centre to see how POS marketing stimulates interest and knowledge of brands. Window graphics, banners, promotional posters and innovative 3D displays all use POS printing in creative and eye-catching ways to draw people to certain products and parts of the store. These stores often have a large marketing team behind them, but there’s no reason why your own POS merchandise can’t have the same impact.

As retail gets ever more competitive, with the corporate giants vying with smaller firms for local trade, independents are turning to POS printing strategies to stay afloat. To have a real impact on customers, your point-of-sale marketing needs to be slick and contemporary in style, which means using a service like ours at Minuteman Press. Our POS printing methods employ the latest digital and lithographic technology, together with creative modern layout styles to give your marketing that professional edge.

POS printing covers many formats and sizes. Some items have specialised names, but the jargon is easy to decipher. For example, window bills are the big posters hung in windows to entice customers in, often on rigid hanging boards. “Bus stops” are hung above or at the end of aisles, or in high traffic areas, to direct customers to specific areas you want them to browse. Bin end banners direct customers to local “dump bins” with special offers. Cyclone boards are, as the name suggests, designed to blow in the wind – usually in a circular motion.

These are just a few of the POS printing options available. But whether you want shelf-edge strips or A4 “barkers,” we at Minuteman Press can cut through the jargon and find the best deal for you.