Weymouth pupils issue posters to speeding drivers

February 18, 2012 by  

An innovative approach to tackling road safety issues was recently taken by school children in Weymouth, who went out on patrol with the local police service.

Students from Southill Primary School in Weymouth recently joined forces with their local Safer Neighbourhood Team to target dangerous or speeding drivers. Along with the help of local PC Jamie Heath, they worked together to ensure drivers outside of the school stuck to the speed limit, which is set at 30 miles per hour.

The Children, with the help of PC Heath and the Safer Neighbourhood Team, stopped drivers who were speeding over the limit and issued them with a warning to not go so fast in future. The school children had also designed and printed posters which they gave out to drivers as a reminder not to exceed the speed limit. The offending drivers not only found themselves reprimanded for their misdemeanours by children, but they also had a take-away token to remind them to keep an eye on their speed thanks to the children’s innovative use of poster printing.

Poole, Weymouth and the wider Dorset area are all home to several schools, all of which would benefit if the roads outside them were a safer place to be. This new initiative, that combines the shock value of children monitoring drivers’ speeds with a take-home reminder of why drivers need to be safety-conscious, will hopefully make drivers view road safety in a new light and help prevent future accidents.