Walk of support for coastguard supercentre

September 18, 2011 by  

A walk of support took place in Portland recently to encourage the authorities to station a new coastguard supercentre in the area.

The walk happened on Saturday 2nd September in Weymouth, Dorset and saw over 150 supporters turned out to make their message clear – we need coastguards stationed locally. The walk was fronted by a number of local people carrying a huge, full colour banner. The banner bore the words ‘Keep our coastguards here’, proclaiming support for coastguard workers who have found their jobs to be at risk. The walk managed to attract the attention of several passers-by and members of the public thanks to the eye-catching, high-impact message created by banner printing.

Poole, Portland, Weymouth and the surrounding Dorset areas all rely heavily on local coastguards to keep their shorelines safe. For example, a ten year old boy and his family took part in the walk to show their gratitude to local life-savers after the coastguard saved the boy from where he was stranded up a cliff.

The walk and its banners are also being supported by a petition which is being run by the team members of the M.V. Freedom boat, a charitable organisation that gives people with disabilities the chance to experience life on the seas. This petition has already gained thousands of signatures, encouraging both the Marine and Coastguard Agency and the government to station the new coastguard supercentre in the area.

The decision on the location of the coastguard supercentre is still to be made.