Stationery Company makes double acquisition

December 1, 2011 by  

A Poole-based stationery company has made a double acquisition in the form of two companies that produce and print forms.

Pukka Pads has bought these two firms in order to increase the range of products on offer. The Managing Director of Pukka Pads, Chris Stott, made the decision to branch out into the business forms market due to his history with the companies he acquired and the future of stationery printing.

Poole-based Stott started his career working for business form manufacturer Inspired Forms, one of the companies that has joined Pukka Pads along with Cardinal Brands, who create duplicate forms. Inspired Forms are a company that were created when their former incarnation, Rediset, went into administration. Stott recently spoke to Print Week, saying:

“I wanted to improve the portfolio of the business, when the opportunity to take on Inspired Forms came about I jumped at it. I wanted to get hold of Rediset when it first went into administration, but that didn’t work out. It used to be a much bigger business and we will be looking to get them back to where they were a few years ago. We have a lot of firepower and bringing both Inspired Forms and Cardinal Brands into that can only help them.”

This move into business forms shows that Pukka Pads feel that the future will see a large demand for this type of office stationery. The move has seen 39 employees in total moving to work for Pukka Pads from Inspired Forms and Cardinal Brands.