Print company in Poole defies the economic downturn and global unrest with international expansion

February 15, 2011 by  

Poole-based print company Intec Print have recently expanded into Tunisia, with their Tunisian sales team making several sales in their opening months, despite difficult economic conditions and social unrest. Intec manufacture and distribute printers for use in offices and businesses and they say that their success in challenging times is down to good quality printing and reliability. This success is testament to the hard work done by the Poole-based Intec team and speaks volumes of how local printing companies throughout Poole and Bournemouth are thriving even when the UK’s own economy seems somewhat fragile.

Thanks to advancements in technology, print companies in Poole can now offer a range of services, from the more traditional flyer printing for Poole-based businesses right through to cutting-edge digital business cards. Poole businesses have become ever-more conscious of the need to support and patronise local firms in the current tough financial climate as this helps to strengthen the local economy, so many companies are now sourcing their printing, including digital business cards from Poole-based printing companies. The fact that Intec Printers have reported a recent successful expansion speaks volumes about the faith put in the Poole printing industry by not only local but also by national and international businesses. The industry has a reputation which has laid strong foundations in high-quality printing and a solid reputation for good service and these foundations look set to see printing companies in Poole withstand the turbulent economic times that many UK businesses are currently facing.