Print companies in Poole help to pioneer environmental initiatives

December 13, 2010 by  

Poole council are spearheading a pioneering move that could see the city being put on the map for environmental and cost saving initiatives. The council is planning to publicise a campaign that will see them turning off street lights after midnight in six local areas to save both electricity and money following government cuts and increased pressure for local authorities to be seen making ‘green’ changes. Local printing companies are hoping to be part of the campaign which would rely on services likeflyer printing in the Poole region to raise awareness of the lack of street lighting and the benefits that this can bring. Printing companies in Poole are often considered to be in tune with environmental issues and look for more sustainable ways to produce printed media.

It is a bold move for Poole council, who are rolling out the change after a 74% positive response to this initial idea. The council has long-term plans for the street light initiative as well, including turning off over a thousand more street lights over the next three years. No doubt this will be communicated using a cross-channel marketing campaign, which leaves printing services in Poole hungry for the opportunity to get involved by offering services to raise the profile of this campaign, like poster printing.

Poole residents seem to be ready to embrace the concept of saving energy and public money and so the campaign would be about increasing awareness rather than convincing people it is the right thing to do.