Poole Harbour island gets planning permission

April 30, 2010 by  

One thing that often keeps print companies in Poole busy is producing literature, such as flyers and leaflets, for local estate agents to promote their properties. Properties in Poole, especially around Poole Harbour, are highly sought after and their prices can go very high.

A new property looks set to be built though; one which could require some more print work if its true value is to be achieved when the times come to sell. Multi-millionaire Edward Iliffe bought Green Island, the third largest island in Poole Harbour, in 2005 for £2.5 million and wanted to build his dream home on the island. However, his plans for a new property, one that was much larger than the existing property on the island, were refused because it was believed that the much larger new home would detract from the island’s natural beauty.

The current property on the island, which is in a state of disrepair, is just a two bedroom house. Mr Iliffe however wanted to build a much larger home, one with six bedrooms.

Planning permission has now been granted though as Mr Iliffe argued that his new property would very sympathetic to the island’s natural beauty, and it would be environmentally friendly. Mr Iliffe intends to build his new property out of wood, and use an existing well for his water needs. Mr Iliffe also claims that his design would be self sustaining, with its own electricity being generated on the island.

Should print companies in Poole be required to produce literature to ever sell this property, it can be expected to go for a lot more than £2.5 million.