Poole creative agency remains optimistic in tough times

January 17, 2010 by  

Many people who work in the creative sector in the South West would claim that the area is the best in the UK for innovative creativity. There are a number of agencies in the area who have achieved success with top notch campaigns. Bristol, for example, has the largest number of creative and media businesses in the area and the City Council has launched a media directory to support and promote the city’s creative industry globally.

There would seem to be an air of optimism amongst companies in the area, despite the severity of the economic downturn, which has hit the UK harder than others. The ability to offer ‘whole’ creative solutions can attract a lot of overseas business.

This would be good for all services to the creative industry, especially for printing companies in Poole. As demand for print services in Poole increases, better times ahead will become more assured. It would appear that the South West is in a good position to take advantage of the upturn.