Poole Council resorts to shock tactics

August 23, 2010 by  

Print companies in Poole will be doing their bit to clean up the town as the Environmental and Consumer Protection Services officers in the area look to print information leaflets and distribute them, hammering home the message that dog owners should clean up after their dogs. The information leaflets, however, are not the hardest hitting part of this campaign that has been developed in the area to try to clean up the dog mess in the town. Poole Council is using an experimental tactic to shock dog owners by spray painting any dog mess with bright green vegetable spray paint.

The unusual move comes as one alleyway in Poole was found in a shocking state due to dog mess. Council officers received a complaint about an alleyway close to Sterte Road and Poole High School and they want to draw attention to how bad it is to try to get their message across. The alleyway will be visited daily and although officers will clean the mess from the path itself, any found on the grass verges at the side will be sprayed green and left for a week as a visual reminder to all of just how bad the problem has become.

The council claim that traditional methods of monitoring problem areas have not improved the situation and rarely is anyone caught not cleaning up after their dog. This has led to the council taking new steps to try to warn people with the leaflets about the dangers of leaving dog mess as well as shaming dog owners with the green paint.