Poole campaigners bid for new all-through school

March 10, 2011 by  

A new type of school could be opening in Poole if campaigners are successful in their crusade to persuade the government to give the institution the green light. The idea behind this new kind of school is that students would start in primary school and stay there throughout secondary school, into post-16 education.

The proposed name of the school is Parkfield New School and a group has already formed to put forward proposals to the Secretary of State for Education, the Right Honourable Michael Gove for the approval of this new academic destination. The group has been working hard to generate enough interest in the school for the government to seriously consider the possibility of opening this ‘all-through’ school, which could open in Bournemouth or Poole in September 2012.

However, to secure funding from the government, more awareness and support of the benefits offered by ‘all-through’ schools needs to be generated.

A spokesperson for the Parkfield New School group was quoted saying:

“We want the school to be in the best location to serve the largest amount of people in the Bournemouth and Poole area, so we are asking the public where they would like it to be.”

In campaigns such as this where public opinion is important, there are many ways to generate local interest, including printing flyers to hand out or even banner printing. Local residents can then become involved with the relevant campaigns.

According to the BBC website, the Parkfield New School group will be submitting their application for government funding to the Department of Education when the 2012 schools application process opens.