Poole Borough Council aims for fall in traffic

January 17, 2019 by  

A reduction in car usage has become a major goal for Poole Borough Council.

The hope is that a four year initiative on car reliance will cut journey times by over 10%. To that end, the council is working with other councils in the region. A travel app may be introduced to help local people find their way. Engaging with the public will be important if an innovative travel card scheme is to be successful. Flyer printing can promote new products and services to the public.

Joint bidding has allowed Poole Borough Council to access resources from the Transforming Cities Fund, which is provided with revenue from the Department of Transport. Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset might all benefit from a cooperative approach. Adrian Hale represents the Local Enterprise Partnership in Dorset and he told the Bournemouth Echo:

“If we can reduce the number of cars by 5% that equates to a 12% saving in terms of journey times.”

It is not clear how the desired progress will be achieved in practice. At the moment, the partners are participating in research. This process involves conducting surveys and mapping the behaviour of motorists.

Nonetheless, bus companies are alert to the potential of the policy. Yellow Buses has pre-empted outcomes of the process by declaring that it intends to change its timetable. The firm is eager to debate the future with officialdom.