Leaflets spark political row

September 20, 2010 by  

Companies offering flyer printing in Poole could have inadvertently been caught up in a political row as the Conservative leader of Poole Council, Brian Leverett has been accused of hypocrisy for images used on his campaign leaflets during the by-election for Newtown. The councillor for the Liberal Democrats in Newtown attacked Leverett because their campaign literature featured the Conservative candidate pictured with a local campaigner for road safety who was also being threatened with court action by the council at the same time.

The road safety campaigner, Colin Pope, had put up a sign along the road he lived to highlight the need for cars driving down the road to slow down. He had felt compelled to take action after his young son was nearly knocked down by a car along that road. However, the council did not condone Pope’s sign as it was erected illegally, and they had issued him with a threat to prosecute unless he removed it.

Leverett was then pictured with Pope on their campaign literature which has sparked the row. The Liberal Democrat councillor has claimed that there is irony in the image with the council seeming to support Mr Pope’s case but yet making moves to prosecute him at the same time. The Conservatives have said that they support Mr Pope’s campaign fully, they did not agree with the illegal signs. For Mr Pope’s part, he was unaware that he was to feature in the Conservative’s campaign during the Newtown by-election, and print companies are usually unaware of the intended purpose of any flyer or poster printing they undertake.