Leaflet printing in Dorset sees Rochdale MP come under fire

May 12, 2011 by  

A Rochdale MP has come under fire from local residents after having his election campaigns produced by a Dorset-based company offering leaflet printing.

Poole, Dorset and the surrounding areas are often regarded as being home to some of the best printing companies in the UK and this may well be a reason why the MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk chose to have his printing done outside of his own region. However, controversy has been caused by the fact that Danczuk produced a leaflet, which contained an article on keeping trade local, printed by a company based in a different county.

Simon Danczuk is an MP for the Independent Alliance party and is yet to comment on the matter, but voters and residents of Rochdale have expressed their displeasure with the fact that leaflet printing in Poole, Dorset or anywhere that was not within the boundaries of Rochdale or Lancashire would not be supporting local businesses.

In the current economic climate, many local councillors are encouraging the residents of their towns and cities to utilise local printing companies as this behaviour helps to support the local economy.

Printing companies in Poole, Dorset and the surrounding region do offer leaflet printing that is often considered both cost effective and of a high quality – this fact is not in dispute. The issue at hand is that there is a general consensus throughout the UK that supporting businesses local to you is the way forward.

The fact that Danczuk not only used an out-of-town printing company is made worse by the fact that the address of the Dorset-based firm was printed on the reverse of these leaflets which were designed to promote the use of local businesses.