Keeping an eye on our politicians

May 14, 2010 by  

Graphic Clinic, an award winning graphic design agency, has come up with a design for a poster to urge every voter in the country to make it clear to our politicians that, from now on, we are watching them. After several high profile scandals hit the news over various politicians’ misdemeanours, the public has grown increasingly mistrustful of those who are meant to serve us. The poster carries the message “Dear Politicians: Remember you were elected to serve us not your own agendas”.

After all the election build up which has dominated the news over the last few months, Graphic Clinic felt that whoever is serving us as our next government should be reminded that they have a duty to listen and act on the behalf of the population and they created the poster for people to print out and display as a constant reminder that our politicians should be held to account and people should take a keen interest in what they are doing rather than run the risk of further apathy from the population.

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