Diesel posters banned

July 10, 2010 by  

Jeans brand giant Diesel has come under fire for a series of outdoor advertising posters that have now been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. ASA has banned Diesel from using any of the creative executions designed for their summer campaign for their range of women’s wear and deemed the creative executions as indecent, promoting anti social behaviour.

The cool fashion label is known for being edgy but their latest designs have come under fire. One image depicted a young woman ‘flashing’ her breasts at a security camera and another showed a model in only a bikini taking a photograph of down her bikini bottoms whilst a lion strolled in the background. ASA has now banned these images from being used in a poster campaign.

The strap line was seemingly celebrating anti-social behaviour claiming “Smart may have the brains. But Stupid has the balls. Be stupid, Diesel”. Whilst the brand claimed that their posters were to give femininity a more confident and masculine feel, it could be seen that the images seemed to tap into the ‘ladette’ drunken culture that is so often seen these days and it was felt that the image of the model ‘flashing’ may cause copycat behaviour.

Whilst Diesel was no doubt going for the kind of shock advertising that can get your brand talked about and erred on the side of edgy, it can be wise for companies to have their creative approved by ASA prior to poster printing in Poole, or in your company’s local area.