Article sparks bogus charity concerns

October 5, 2010 by  

Companies offering Print company in flyer printing in Poole printing services flyer printing in Poole and surrounding areas may inadvertently be aiding organisations take funds from registered charities as leaflets continue to be posted in the area through the doors of homes requesting clothing donations allegedly in the name of charity. The Daily Echo, a local paper in the area, had run a report on one particular organisation that was

putting leaflets and charity bags through the doors of homes in Print company in Poole printing services Poole and surrounding areas asking for clothing donations but, although they claimed to have genuine links with a cause, they were found not to be a registered charity.

Now one official charity in Dorset, the Lewis-Manning Hospice, has said that they still depend on clothing donations in charity bags and is urging people to still donate despite the recent controversy over suspect charity bags. The Daily Echo had investigated a company called Bernhardos who had delivered bags and leaflets for both a parish and breast cancer sufferers in Lithuania but they were not found to be registered as a charity.

The charity fears that recent incidents and newspaper coverage could keep people from donating but the Lewis Manning Hospice in Poole can make up to £100 from a sack full of good quality items and this is essential to maintaining an income for the charity which cares for over 600 people who live with life threatening illness such as cancer. The Lewis Manning Hospice has monthly running costs of over £50,000 and the donations, which go to their seven charity shops in the area, are vital contributions to the running of the hospice.