Peterborough print company consolidates

March 11, 2010 by  

The economic climate is tough for the printing industry at the moment. There are a number of printing companies in Peterborough, ranging from smaller brochure and business card printers to larger print companies, all vying for the same local business. Knowing when to invest in new plant, especially advanced digital kit, is becoming ever more difficult for all printing businesses.

A local example of a larger print company having to react to market conditions is Johnston Press. The company has several print operations around the country. Following a review of their press utilisation across the print division, they are now in consultation with staff at their Peterborough location. They are seeking to make 32 redundancies. Mr. David Crow, divisional managing director said:

“In the event that this proposal goes ahead, we will endeavour to minimise redundancies through voluntary severance and redeployment. We have commenced consultation today with the individuals affected.”

The Petrborough facility employs 85 staff. They are looking to reduce staffing by about one third. Negotiations are taking place with 32 of their staff. The consultation process is due to finish by 22nd March.

Johnston Press also made 13 redundancies in 2008 and has since closed its Kilkenny facility in Ireland and is proposing closure of its Caledonian Offset plant in Scotland. There will be other larger printing companies currently looking at ways to make efficiencies. Surviving through the bad times seems high on the agenda for a lot in the print industry currently. However, sometimes valuable lessons can be learned when coping with tough times and when the upturn comes, some may be in a better position to take advantage of it quicker than others.