Peterborough drivers under the spotlight

May 31, 2010 by  

Reckless Peterborough drivers have come under police scrutiny with a new road safety campaign being launched.

The antics of Peterborough drivers were revealed by the police to highlight the risks that people have been taking on the roads. Among them was the case of a driver travelling with their paperwork laid out across their steering wheel, or drivers who set off without fully clearing their windscreen of snow and ice. There are also incidences of motorists trying to read text messages on their mobile phones whilst trying to drive their car. Clair George, the Road Safety officer for the Safer Peterborough Partnership, said that these cases were very disappointing and pointed to the fact that a lapse in concentration when driving can have devastating consequences, not only for the driver themselves but, for other road users.

As a result of their findings, Peterborough City Council and the police are going to launch a poster campaign to shine a light on the dangers of driving and using a mobile phone. The poster campaign will highlight the dangers and also point to the responsibility of the caller to end the call if they realise the person that they are phoning is driving at the same time. The posters around Peterborough will highlight these issues and serve as a reminder to drivers.

Companies looking for ways to get their message in front of people in the local area should consider roadside posters, particularly if they have a relevant message such as road safety. There are local printing businesses in the area who also offer poster printing in Peterborough