Big banners used to make a statement

June 28, 2010 by  

A husband on the brink of divorce tried to use large banners as a last ditch attempt at reconciliation with his estranged wife before they divorced. IT engineer, Paul Kendall, placed very large 12ft x 3ft banners along the London to Brighton Bike route expressing his love for his wife as she cycled the route in aid of a charity. The messages expressed support for his wife and her charity effort, romantic declarations of love and also images of their life together and their two children during happier times in their marriage.

Mr Kendall had hoped that on seeing the banners, his wife’s heart would melt and she might change her mind about their future together. Advertising on giant banners can be a great tactical method of targeting a specific audience or, due to their size, give a company stature in the minds of the consumer. Sadly, it remains to be seen as to whether or not it worked for Mr Kendall as he reported that he barely got so much as a peck on the cheek as his wife crossed the finishing line on Brighton seafront after completing the 54 mile cycle route from London.

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