Swan School makes progress towards 2019 opening

September 17, 2017 by  

A school vital to prevent a lack of placements in Oxford has reached a significant target.

Swan School, scheduled to open its doors in Marston in 2019, has reached an agreement with contractors to take charge of all design and building. The news comes as concerns were aired by a councillor over slow progress.

The River Learning Trust (RLT), which will be responsible for opening the school on Raymund Road’s Harlow Centre, appointed Corde Ltd and Galliford Try, both based in London, in charge of the work.

RLT chief executive, Paul James, spoke of how delighted he was that the scheme is finally moving ahead. James said:

“Marston is an area where increasing numbers of families are unable to secure places at their first preference schools. The Harlow Centre is well placed…it should be readily accessible to children who, but for its over-subscription, might have expected to attend The Cherwell School.”

New statistics show Northway and Marston, both regions that belong to the free school’s catchment area, saw low admissions this September.

Local schools wishing to advertise themselves to parents in the area may wish to employ the services of printing companies who can provide them with brochure design, graphic design and a range of stationery and promotional items that can help them to improve the number of admissions.