Oxford school wants permanent dance space

August 18, 2017 by  

A school in Oxford has asked for a permanent dance space, similar to that at Pineapple Dance Studios. The school is currently jumping between venues based in Blackbird Leys.

Some 150 Mersey Jam dancers, along with their teachers, parents, and carers, have spent the last three years attempting to locate a permanent training space.

After 18 months of success, Elisha Peart, the founder of the school, said that the city needs to invest in spaces devoted to dance. She said:

“London has Pineapple Dance Studios, Birmingham has Custard Factory, but Oxford does not have a base for dance. We have emails every day and our waiting list is ridiculous but we don’t have the space or facilities to take on more children.”

The school may not have located a suitable space, but it isn’t though lack of trying. Rose Hill Community Centre has a ballroom with a sprung floor, and others, such as the Leys Pools and Leisure Centre and Barton Neighbourhood Centre were deemed unsuitable due to security concerns and schedule constraints.

Once the school finds a permanent dance space, it will be in a better position to promote its classes, as without a base of its own, it is forced to rely more heavily on word of mouth. It will raise more awareness once it is able to utilise traditional promotional methods, such as flyer printing.