Oxford City Council interested in bee app

April 17, 2018 by  

Oxford City Council is talking about giving a contract to the creators of a bee app.

The bee app has the potential to track swarms of bees and it can enable beekeepers to get to the right location via an apiary message. Several beekeeping associations have signed up to the scheme already. Logo design from Oxford can be useful for innovative organisations. Louis Bennett and Norman Guiver are behind the scheme. Bennett told the Oxford Mail:

“The council are really enthusiastic about this: they can just take a picture of a swarm, put in the GPS location with contact details then send that out to every single swarm collector in the surrounding area. They were almost blown away by how comprehensive the technology is.”

In the past, bees have caused quite a lot of trouble for the local authority. Environmental officers from the council have been obliged to come out to deal with bees in person. For example, there was panic when the smooth operation of a shopping centre was disrupted by a swarm. An official had to attempt to calm the crowd prior to contacting a beekeeping association in the vicinity.

The service is priced at a highly competitive level. Subscriptions cost £12 at the moment. The aspiration is that use of the app will mean that there is no longer the waste of resources associated with anxious phone-based communication.