Mowgli Street Food gets space in Oxford’s Westgate

February 14, 2018 by  

Mowgli Street Food is moving into Oxford’s Westgate Centre within the next few weeks.

Mowgli is a chain of Indian eateries which will soon have an Oxford-based outlet. Cookery book writer Nisha Katona launched the enterprise a few years ago. The former barrister has authored two books and appeared on television on a regular basis. The business currently has existing eateries in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Flyer printing from Oxford can be used to promote businesses in the leisure sector.

Katona is the chief executive of Mowgli, which reported positive sales results for the end of 2017. Katona said:

“Mowgli is all about the fresh, light zing of an Indian home kitchen. The menu is entirely comprised of dishes from my family’s recipes – so this is how it tastes to dine at my grandmother’s Varanasi stove.”

Katona confirmed she likes to train her chefs personally. Mowgli now has two outlets in Liverpool and further expansion is on the cards. Fresh locations are being looked for in Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham, while a London restaurant is another possibility.

Katona expressed her belief in a traditional culinary philosophy. She said that she is grateful that Mowgli has been so popular in the UK.

Initially, Katona did not want to receive external investment. However, she decided to get financial backing from Foresight, a private equity firm. Foresight has tempted experienced executives to participate at board level.