Honour for Oxford war heroes

March 22, 2017 by  

Two women who were born in the Oxford area and went on to be among a relatively small number of women to fly Spitfire planes during World War Two have been recognised at a special ceremony.

These brave women were known at the time as ‘ATA girls’ and among them were Mary Ellis and Molly Rose. Ellis was in attendance to see a memorial plaque unveiled at the RAF base Brize Norton recently.

Despite being 100 years old, Ellis travelled from her home on the Isle of Wight so that she could be there and she stated that she and Rose had enjoyed a long friendship after meeting during the war. Sadly, Rose died last October, at the age of 95.

During the period spent serving their country in the war, the duo were referred to by colleagues as ‘Spitfire Women’ and they certainly earned the right to that name as they both flew hundreds of these planes around the UK, taking them to air bases.

Speaking to the Oxford Times, Mary said:

“That was life, it was marvellous. The four or five years I did, it was great, it was nice to help the country and the King as it was back then.”

Ceremonies like this often make use of places that print leaflets, so that people know about them.