Graduates find novel way of paying off their debts

March 9, 2012 by  

Two Oxford University graduates are foregoing traditional marketing and advertising by offering their faces as advertising space to pay for their student debts.

It may seem unconventional, but graduate entrepreneurs Ed Moyse and Ross Harper are making money by selling their own faces as advertising space to companies who are willing to pay them up to £400 per day for the privilege.

The pair are being paid by big-name firms such as Paddy Power and Ernst and Young to paint logos on their faces before being sent out to events where they will gain maximum visibility.

Traditionally, when companies wish to advertise or get their name out into the public domain, they have turned to methods such as banner printing. Oxford graduates Moyse and Harper, whilst not shunning traditional advertising, have certainly found a novel way to make money.

Harper commented on the pair’s success, saying:

“It was kind of wacky with a lot of fun. When it started making money, just from a practical side of things you have to talk to an accountant and things like that, stuff we hadn’t expected. Then we were making enough for it to be more of a career.”

The pair have since acquired an accountant and a business advisor to help their fledging idea really take off. In the meantime, traditional forms of advertising and marketing look to be unthreatened by this new niche endeavour.