More electric car chargers coming to Oxford

March 15, 2018 by  

Oxford City Council is poised to upgrade its provision of chargers for electric vehicles.

The change in the policy of the council is related to a funding shift made by central government. Air pollution is on the agenda because of legal action. Extra chargers for electric transport may help combat environmental problems. Print shops in Oxford may be used to provide information to the public. John Tanner, a local councillor with an interest in the environment, said:

“We hope that this decision means the government will provide us with funding to enable the world’s first Zero Emission to happen – and to go even further on restricting high-emitting vehicles from the city, installing electric vehicle charging points and, ultimately, cleaning up Oxford’s air.”

Oxford City Council has been working with partners to achieve its goal. The county council has stepped up to the plate. The partnership has conducted detailed research into what a Zero Emission Zone would involve. The aspiration is to limit city centre air pollution to a level barely higher than the typical background figure.

Oxford’s city centre is already near the frontline of British efforts to limit air pollution. The authorities have accessed resources of about £800,000. This money has been spent on the development of a Low Emission Zone, which is an innovative development that has enhanced cycling in the city.