Carers Oxfordshire conference gets great feedback

December 10, 2016 by  

A conference for carers within Oxford has received positive feedback from participants.

The Caring Matters event was hosted on National Carers’ Rights Day. The conference took place at Kassam Stadium, which is where Oxford United Football Club is based. Presentation folders from Oxford may be used at the annual event in 2017.

Tracy Desmond for Carers Oxfordshire stated:

“We had a really good mixture of carers and professionals and the day went exceptionally well. We had some amazing feedback saying the event had been extremely useful.”

Sarah Taylor, who is the High Sheriff for the county council, was the chair of the conference. Action for Carers received a cheque worth more than £25,000 from her during the course of the big day.

A total of 130 professionals and carers chose to attend the meeting. Some of the professionals were council chiefs, whereas others were leaders from the health sector. Useful advice and essential information was provided to the audience. Guest speakers including Caroline Heason and Dame Philippa Russell gave extra insights into the issues affecting carers.

Carers Oxfordshire delivers support, advice and information without charging carers for the service. Unpaid carers can benefit from the partnership behind this approach. Cooperation between Oxfordshire County Council and the relevant branch of Actions for Carers Oxfordshire is of practical assistance to some of the many thousands of carers in the county.