Nottinghamshire hospital toughens up on smokers

December 16, 2011 by  

Nottinghamshire University Hospitals trust is to get tough on smokers who ignore ‘no smoking’ signs in hospitals.

Both the negative health effects and the extrinsic litter problem that go hand in hand with smokers are being addressed by the trust in a bid to start the new year with a firm line on how littering smokers will be dealt with.

For one week in January, the trust is planning to allow community protection officers to patrol the grounds of Nottingham City Hospital and Queen’s Medical centre, with the power to prosecute anyone found littering the grounds with cigarette packets and used butts. This measure is being brought in to work alongside signs and other anti-smoking communications that have been produced using services like poster printing.

Nottingham University Hospitals trust’s deputy director of Human Resources commented on this tough new approach, saying:

“It isn’t illegal to smoke outside the hospital (on the grounds) but it is illegal to smoke inside. They (CPOs) will approach visitors and patients who are smoking on the site and ask them quite politely and firmly to move away from the main entrance.”

There has been a smoking ban at these Nottinghamshire hospitals ever since 2006, however people still attempt to contravene the ban and the hospital is constantly trying to stop people from smoking or littering on the premises. The trust hopes that this new prosecution-led campaign will hit home and make people think twice before they smoke in hospital grounds.