Nottingham man gets on his bike

March 29, 2014 by  

A Nottingham man has started up a bike club in the city, bearing the impressive slogan ‘Never leave a rider behind’.

Mick Hobster, who resides with his spouse in the Wollaton suburb of west Nottingham, was motivated to start the Sportive Cycling Club upon realising that he had allowed his fitness levels to drop over the years.

Nearing retirement, he knew that he would need to make changes to his lifestyle if he wanted to be able to spend time with his grandson. However Hobster, 61, was forced to come up with an alternative when his GP told him jogging would not be feasible. He tried joining an existing bike club, only to find the standards too high. Hobster said:

“It is no disrespect to them at all but they were just too good, so I decided to create a group where riders cycle between 12 and 14mph. Our motto is that nobody gets left behind and nobody does.”

The club, which uses the Copper bar and café in West Bridgford as a meeting place, has enabled Hobster to shed three stone in weight. It is also proving a hit with the wider community as, like other local clubs, it can utilise poster printing from Nottingham print shops to help spread the word. Membership has already swelled to 26, with people viewing it as a supportive environment for gaining confidence and skills, as well as for charity fundraising.