Nottingham council makes huge savings on cost of printing

January 13, 2012 by  

Nottingham County Council has made savings of over £480,000 thanks to smarter ways of working and reviews of how the council manages its printing.

The Council were tasked with making a saving on the print costs to the organisation in 2011 and has managed to meet these objectives, saving a total of £483,000 on the cost of printing. The savings have been achieved through a number of initiatives, which included working smarter to reduce the amount of printing that was taking place by a quarter.

These changes show that whilst Nottingham County Council has been able to reduce its print costs, it has not been able to stop printing completely. This shows that printing is still and important part of everyday business at the Council and that by being more conscious of what is being printed and how, the Council can keep a tighter rein on costs. Other measures that were taken to reduce the costs generated by print were actions such as removing 400 printers from the Council’s offices and also putting a ban on the buying of new printers.

Many organisations choose to outsource their print jobs to local print companies or print shops for services like flyer and stationery printing. Nottingham County Council may choose to look at a similar option for 2012, as the Council has been tasked with reducing print costs by a further £1 million. These cost savings do not just including printing in Council offices; the cost saving initiative also extends to Council-run buildings such as public libraries.