Eco-business event launches in Nottingham

October 23, 2011 by  

A business networking event with a difference launches in Nottingham in November, encouraging fledgling entrepreneurs to push on with their business plans in a sustainable manner.

The event, which is called the Enviro-Entrepreneur Boot camp, is designed to give tips and advice to people who want to start up or who already have their own business in the ‘green sector’. This includes companies producing goods with a low environmental impact as well as more traditional green companies such as those involved in renewable energy and recycling.

This networking event could raise some interesting questions about the future of business networking and whether the way it is done today is sustainable. For example, many companies may shy away from printing as it is often perceived as being less environmentally friendly than online communications, but the use of technology presents a very real threat in terms of energy resources and disposal of harmful plastics. The spotlight is sure to be on how sustainable it is to continue things like business card printing.

The Nottingham Enviro-Entrepreneurs event will help to answer these dilemmas, by giving companies practical advice about resources, finances, marketing and networking. Many printing companies offer environmentally friendly printing solutions and this event exists to help local businesses to work out the solutions that are best for them and the environment.

The event runs from 9th to 11th November at BioCity in Nottingham. For more information and to buy tickets, potential attendees can contact Vanessa Corns on