Digital printing helps Nottingham firms increase productivity

March 31, 2011 by  

An investment in digital printing technology in Nottingham has seen productivity increase for a number of printing companies in the area. Since switching from analogue to digital printing, some Nottingham firms have reported up to 35% increase in productivity and some have even said their client base has increased by up to four new clients per month. These figures, reported in a recent article in Print Week magazine shows that there may be a number of reasons for the increase in clients for print companies in Nottingham. Firstly, many local businesses choose to use local printing companies for services like catalogue or brochure printing in Nottingham, and if printing can be done more efficiently and with better results, they are more likely to recommend these printing companies to their peers. Secondly, digital printing offers Nottingham-based firms a more professional finish for their promotional printing jobs.

Digital printing produces professional results thanks to the technology that it uses. This can include UV-curable pigmented inks to print in high definition and some of the newer digital printers can handle up to 95 full-size sheets in an hour. This allows printing companies in Nottingham to be much more efficient and to undertake a higher number of print jobs than they would have been able to if using a traditional analogue printer. Local printing companies in Nottingham are well equipped to deal with large print jobs and can provide a more tailored service than many internet based companies can, whilst being able to offer the same professional finish to their clients.