Campaign for safer cycling launched in Nottingham

May 30, 2011 by  

A campaign for safer cycling has been launched in by the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership to promote the wearing of high visibility clothing and helmets.

The Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership is actively recruiting people to take part in the safety awareness programme, dubbed ‘Use your cycle helmet’ and is expected to promote this in a variety of ways, from advertising on the local council website to poster printing. Nottingham County Council, Nottingham City Council, the local Police and Fire and Rescue services are all backing this initiative in the hope that it will cut accidents and deaths on local roads.

One way that the Partnership is looking to raise awareness of the ‘Use your cycle helmet’ campaign is by running an online survey in which cyclists can express their views on road safety. There is a prize incentive for taking part, in the form of Think Bike high visibility clothing packs and a cycle helmet worth £50. The campaign is part of a wider nationwide drive to raise road safety awareness over the next decade.

Road safety campaigns are not new initiatives but there are several proven ways of promoting them to ensure they are as successful as possible. Online campaigns, coupled with initiatives like poster printing will help Nottingham’s cyclists and motorists to take notice of the campaign and to hopefully make local roads a safer place to be.

The campaign also supports Action for Brain Injury, a charity initiative designed to reduce the number of brain injury cases caused by road accidents. Last year, over sixty cyclists were injured and three were killed on roads in Nottingham, so promotion of this worthy cause will play a key part in its success.