World Cup Ad launched by Unilever

June 19, 2010 by  

Brand giant, Unilever, has launched a timely global out of home advertising campaign for its deodorant brands, Axe and Lynx, to coincide with the launch of the World Cup. The outdoor poster campaign aims to tie in with the World Cup to target its core male audience and, of course, the posters feature women in the advertisements – celebrating goals!

The posters have been created by advertising agency BBH using patriotic images to appeal to various competing nations in the World Cup and harness the supporter’s national pride during the competition. Unilever says that it is hoped that it will be the girls who are celebrating should their men use the Axe or Lynx brands during the tournament.

Posters are a great place to display such an evocative message and create some local or national pride. Advertisers in Print company in Norwich printing services Norwich looking to ride on the back of the buzz that surrounds such a hyped event as the World Cup could find poster Print company in printing companies in Norwich printing services printing companies in Norwich to help.

It does not have to be a national or obvious advertiser that would advertise around this period. Typically a male focussed sport, the World Cup transcends sex, culture and age and is therefore a key time for brands to be advertising as association with the competition can really elevate a brand and raise awareness. Sports and beer brands make an obvious link with the competition but even such brands as energy company E.ON or convenience store chain SPAR, are creating marketing campaigns around the World Cup competition.