Posters help retrieve a puppy

August 18, 2010 by  

A local resident found that Print company in poster printing in Norwich printing services poster printing in Norwich paid dividends after her missing golden retriever was found safe following an advertising campaign. Golden retriever, Gracey, who is only 4 months old, went missing last month having run off from its owner whilst on a walk in Print company in Norwich printing services Norwich with her owner Marina Jakobsen. In a desperate attempt to raise awareness, Jakobsen had lots of posters printed and put them up all round the Norwich area as well as making a large fluorescent sign to try to attract the attention of any passing drivers. Jakobsen even went as far as placing a front page advertisement in the local Evening News to broadcast her plight.

Gracey was eventually found after someone who had seen her advertisements then also spotted the dog chained up outside someone else’s house. With the help of the police and a charity employee from DogLost, the golden retriever was recovered safe and well. It is thought that the dog had been taken in by people who thought that Gracey had been abandoned and Mrs Jakobsen warned that other dog owners should look to microchip their dogs and ensure that they are wearing collars with a contact number clearly in view to avoid people assuming that the dog is abandoned. A reward was offered to those that had raised the alarm about Gracey’s whereabouts but they refused to accept it and the reward will now go to DogLost as a thank you for their part in Gracey’s safe return.