Postcard printing used to boost printing apprenticeship support

February 23, 2012 by  

The British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) recently showed their support of the country’s future printers by drumming up support for printing apprenticeships during National Apprentice Week.

The BPIF currently has three hundred apprentices working as part of its mentoring scheme. The chief executive of the organisation, Kathy Woodward, used National Apprentice Week at the start of February to voice her support of the campaign to get more people working in the printing industry through apprenticeships. Woodward met with local MPs for Barking to discuss their future support for apprenticeships in the printing industry.

One of the MPs, Stephen Metcalf, spoke about apprenticeships, saying:

“It is important that the 140k plus employees in the sector have access to quality training that equips them for the fast changing environment they work in.”

As part of the campaign to drum up support for printing apprenticeships, a personalised printed postcard is being sent to local MPs around the UK, outlining the importance of these positions and the value that they bring to the economy and local residents. This is an example of the power of print, showing that a real impact can be made using widely-available print services such as postcard printing.

Norwich has a long-standing history when it comes to apprenticeships in the printing industry, with apprentices working in print since the 18th Century, when the Norwich Post was printed by the apprentices of Freeman Collins of London. The times may have changed since then, but the value of apprenticeships has not, with former apprentices in the print industry being rated highly by future employers.