Popularity of photo books gives print company in Norwich a boost

December 11, 2010 by  

Print company in Norwich printing services Norwich-based Print company in printing company printing services printing company 2M is set for expansion after taking on a contract to increase their offering in the photo book market. 2M is already a leader in photo book production but is set to take on new members of staff in the latest move which is set to see them launch a customer-facing offering called Smiley Hippo. This is great news for Print company in printing companies in Norwich printing services printing companies in Norwich as this helps to put the area on the map as a serious centre for bothcommercial and customer-facing Print company in printing printing services printing industries. Smaller local Print company in print companies printing services print companies who offer services such as Print company in stationery printing printing services stationery printing for the Norwich area can potentially expect the amount of business coming their way to increase thanks to the fact that 2M will be focusing primarily on photo book production.

In the past, 2M had focused on offering photo book printing to businesses and schools in the area. However, this expansion into the customer facing world should generate business and possibly even provide merger opportunities for small print firms looking for such chances; although this is yet to be confirmed by 2M.

Local print companies with clients who use them for Print company in business card printing in Norwich printing services business card printing in Norwich could be inspired by the expansion of 2M to cast their net wider and offer other services like poster and Print company in banner printing printing services banner printing. Norwich businesses are continually reviewing their marketing and advertising strategies and it is often down to Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies in the Norwich region to capitalise upon these opportunities for new business as they arrive.