Norwich’s ring road could be upgraded

January 9, 2018 by  

The inner ring road of Norwich may be improved due to congestion in the city.

Considerable investment has already been put into the Transport for Norwich initiative. Meanwhile, progress has been made in relation to the Northern Distributor Road in the city. Nonetheless, the internal ring road may require some extra work to be done. Leaflet printers in Norwich can be used to communicate with the public.

The chair of the committee for the Norwich Highways Agency, John Fisher, told the Eastern Daily Press:

“We want to get the most out of our transport network and this means making informed choices about where to invest. Data collected from the recent survey of our inner ring road will be used to prioritise areas for potential improvement so any future projects represent value for money and a positive impact on the flow of traffic around Norwich.”

Resources for potential improvements to the ring road will not be accessed overnight. If the possible changes are thought to be necessary then an application to the growth fund of the Local Enterprise Partnership would have to be made.

The argument for adjustments has been made by representatives of the Norwich Business Improvement District (NBID). The chair of the NBID, Peter Mitchell, and a director at the NBID, Stefan Gurney, both warned that the current arrangements might be unsatisfactory. Council officers have also conducted relevant data analysis.