Norwich Puppet Theatre celebrates 30th birthday

November 17, 2010 by  

Companies offering flyer printing in Norwich have played their part in making the city’s Puppet Theatre a success over the last 30 years as the venue, St James Pockthorpe church, celebrates this milestone in their history. For the last 30 years, St James church has been home to the Norwich Puppet Theatre making use of an ancient building from the times of William the Conqueror for an innovative performing arts project.

Turning the church into the puppet theatre was a project of more than two and half years in the making after hard graft and fundraising by a dedicated team of people. The church required considerable funds to realise the dream of turning the building into a puppet theatre. The actor Richard Briers, star of sitcom ‘The Good Life’, was involved in distributing a printed flyer with the slogan ‘String along with me’ to drum up support for the conversion and get the people of Norwich involved in pledging their financial support. The conversion became a reality after the campaigning drew in donations of help and materials from local businesses who also supplied funding along with the city and county councils.

The puppet theatre, ran by Ray and Joan DaSilva, was set up in Norwich after their touring theatre company received such a warm welcome when they came to play the Norwich Theatre Royal. Their opening night came on the 1st December in 1980, when St James church became the Norwich Puppet Theatre and put on a performance of Humbug, Humbug, a production based on the famous Christmas story, Scrooge.